At the Drug Detox Center, we offer inpatient and outpatient detoxification services for teens and adults. Detoxification is an important first step in the recovery process. There are many drugs which require cleansing from the body before treatment can begin. These drugs include:

  • Opiates (heroin, morphine, codeine)
  • Methadone
  • Prescription medications (Oxycontin, Hydrocodone, Xanax)
  • Alcohol

All drugs are addictive by nature and may require some form of cleansing before treatment begins. However, we STRONGLY recommend our inpatient detox program for people who are addicted to the drugs listed above. Quitting these drugs “cold turkey” can send the body into shock and can cause death. The doctors at our facility may prescribe non-addictive medication to ease withdrawal symptoms and to stabilize the patient during the detoxification process.

Benefits of Inpatient Detox

There are many benefits of our inpatient detox program. Although the detoxification process is difficult, it only lasts for a week at most. Also, the inpatient detox program allows our clients to escape from everyday life. They are able to seclude themselves from family and friends while overcoming their addictions. After the cleansing process is complete, our clients feel physically healthier.

Teen Inpatient Detox

We offer inpatient detox services to teens ages 12 to 17. All teens are medically supervised during the cleansing process. Our doctors may prescribe medications to stabilize patients and ease withdrawal symptoms. After the detoxification process is complete, the teens will complete one of our addiction treatment programs. We have 30-90 day programs with schooling available on site. Our goal is to help the teenagers understand why they became addicted to drugs or alcohol. We offer many different therapies including art and music therapy, group therapy, and psychotherapy to help teens discover the root of their addiction problems. Teens will enjoy fun activities like beach days, field trips, and gym visits. However, all activities and privileges must be earned. We believe this teaches the teenagers responsibility and accountability for their actions. If your child is partaking in drug or alcohol use and refuses to stop, get help at the Drug Detox Center! Our staff is specially trained to deal with teenagers. We truly care about your child and will do our best to help!

Adult Inpatient Detox

Our clients in the adult inpatient detox program are medically supervised by doctors. These doctors will prescribe non habit-forming medications to ease severe withdrawal symptoms. After the detoxification process is complete, our clients will take part in one of our 30 to 90 day treatment programs. They will attend group therapy sessions, participate in daily exercise, and work with addiction counselors to find the root of the drug or alcohol addiction issue. We also provide family therapy because we believe the family needs healing from the destruction caused by the addiction. We will work with the clients and their families to reopen the lines of communication and to establish healthy ways of addressing problems.

If you or someone you know is suffering from drug or alcohol addiction, call us today! Our inpatient detox programs use proven methods to help teens and adults.