At the Drug Treatment Center, we recommend medically supervised detox to all patients that need it. We use the most advanced techniques and medications to provide the clients with a safe and comfortable detox process. Detoxification is the first step on the long road to recovery; however it is not the only step. After the medically supervised detox process is complete, our clients will attend our addiction treatment program at our rehab center.

If you or your loved one requires medically supervised detox, please call us today.

The Medically Supervised Detox Process

People with a prescription drug, alcohol, or opiate addiction will be required to complete medically supervised detox. During this time, patients are closely monitored by a team of doctors and nurses. Doctors may administer stabilization medication to patients who are experiencing very severe withdrawal symptoms. The symptoms of withdrawal will be mild to severe, depending on how frequently the drug was abused. The symptoms will usually last for a week, and then the clients will feel physically healthy. We ONLY recommend medically supervised detox because mild withdrawal symptoms may quickly become severe. Complications may arise which can cause stroke, heart attack, seizures, and death.

Benefits of Medically Supervised Withdrawal

  • The lungs, heart, kidneys, skin, and lymphatic system will be cleansed
  • The body will no longer be chemically dependent on the drugs or alcohol
  • The patient will feel much better
  • Our quiet, small environment will allow the client to heal without distractions
  • Doctors may prescribe non habit-forming medications to ease withdrawal symptoms
  • All patients are closely monitored to prevent complications

Treatment after Medically Supervised Detox

Upon completion of the medically supervised detox process, our clients are admitted to the rehab center. We have 30 to 90 day programs for both teens and adults. Clients in the program will participate in group activities, team-building exercises, daily AA or NA meetings, and addiction counseling. Our counselors are licensed and highly trained. They will help the client figure out why they became addicted to drugs or alcohol. We believe in behavioral and solution-based therapy – not humiliation or degradation. Our therapists will work with clients to teach them different ways of dealing with problems without turning to drugs or alcohol.

Another important aspect of our treatment program involves what we like to call sober fun. We have found that many drug and alcohol addicts are worried about how to have fun without drugs or alcohol. Sober fun teaches them how! Our clients will visit art museums, the beach, city landmarks, and more. The sober fun program teaches clients that they can have fun without relapsing into drug or alcohol addiction.

We also offer a family therapy program. We believe the family is an important part of the recovery process. Our family counselors will meet with the client and his or her family to discuss issues caused by the drug or alcohol abuse. We have found that often times the family needs treatment too. They need to learn healthy ways of communication and how to be supportive of the recovering addict.

If you have questions about medically supervised detox or know someone who is suffering from drug addiction, please call us today. Our staff members are waiting to answer your calls!